Friday, October 10, 2008

Shift Gears to Sewing

I went to the Canton Mississippi Craft Fair yesterday with my sister, Andree, and my 1st cousin, Jane. I was particularly interested in getting ideas for my card making hobby. I enjoyed looking at how the vendors set up their booths and displayed their items. After I was called down for taking pictures I had to resort to only my memory. Not depending completely on that, when I saw a striking booth of Christmas wreaths in some most unusual colors, I wrote down on my notepad the colors Aqua, Magenta, Lime and Red so I wouldn't forget. Here are a couple of pictures I was able to get:

Andree bought this cute bunny made from vintage quilts, a "I love my Dachshund" towel for Tootsie and Comeback Sauce.
At the Canton Fair I fell in love with this swirly Chenille material that reminded me of sweetheart roses. On our way home, we stopped at Hobby Lobby in Hammond where I found the exact material. I had to buy it because I was newly inspired to pull out my sewing machine and make pillows just for fun.

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