Friday, May 1, 2009

Crawfish Sacks

For the last 3 weeks since Easter I have been a part of the night crew at Patton's Caterer's making crawfish sacks for the New Orleans Jazzfest. In addition I was a buffet server for 4 days for the Zurich Golf Classic of New Orleans. Since Jazzfest is this weekend I should be able to get back to being creative next week.
Here is the picture I took of the Night Crew:

Here is a picture of me ready to serve smoked salmon:

I had fun working with Belinda and Monique all four days:

This is our view as we looked out from behind the buffet table:


Andree' said...

I want one, or two!

Anonymous said...

I wish the CRAWFISH FEST here in NJ had doze sacks...dey got em most everyting else. (yes, i wrote EVERYTING!)