Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beach Towel Colors

Packing for a week vacation at the beach takes a few days but as I was gathering all our beach towels I stopped to enjoy their summer colors.
Orange, red, pink, turquoise, red-white-blue, yellow, green ...

Since our family does not go out to eat on vacation, we have a lot to pack. Thank goodness the condo has a well-equipped kitchen or we would have to pack much more. Now until we can get all this in the trailer and unpacked in the condo, I won't be officially on vacation.


Andree' said...

You have much more than me this year - I am bringing two beach towels only, so I know where to go if I need another one! I don't see any clothes packed!!! And kitchen supplies are coming from my house. Alphonse can't do without a good spoon or a good knife, or a good cutting board, or a good rolling pin, or a good gumbo pot, or a good colander, or a good potholder or 5 good stainless steel bowls. Can you guess that the two beach towels are for me? He'll be in the kitchen or by the BBQ pit. I did pack about 5 coffee mugs and I'm leaving them at the Condo. They say Chicago, Atlanta, Bear Hugs, Happy Easter and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

oh i am so not stack doesnt look anything like yours