Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chapelle Craft Fair 2009

Today was a first ... my sister, Andree, and I were craft fair vendors and it was FUN! Thank goodness our first fair was only one day so I'm not totally exhausted. It was at our alma mater, Archbishop Chapelle High School, and we wore t-shirts that told we were from the Class of 71 and 72. Our dear husbands helped with set-up and break-down so the job went much quicker than we expected. We enjoyed all the people who stopped by to say hello and loved all the compliments too. We just might have to do it again soon since, judging by all the invitations, there are a lot of local craft fairs in the fall. I had no idea.

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Andree' said...

And if anyone out there EVER needs a baby gift with a baby gift card, you know where to come. Save yourself a trip to Babies R Us and shop with us. What a fun day it was. Lost my identity at that school - I am known as Darryl's wife. I don't have a name :)