Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Saints

The New Orleans Saints football team is going to the Super Bowl. In the Saints 42 years of franchise history they have never gone to the Super Bowl. The city is beyond excited...they are ecstatic. The merchandise buying frenzy is beating all sales records.
The local newspaper, The Times Picayune, is on their second day of reprinting the newspaper because they keep selling out and people want more. They are only 75 cents a piece and the limit is 4. Here are pictures of our copy.

The T-P even ran an inside joke for the local, die-hard fans with Buddy D in a dress.

Around 11 a.m. today, J. C. Penney's put Super Bowl t-shirts on sale for $20 each. We bought 2 plus a hat and shirt just like the Saints players.

The Super Bowl game is one week before Mardi Gras and typically the French Quarter balconies are decorated in purple, green and gold. Not this year. It is going to be a Black and Gold Super Bowl. Geaux Saints Geaux.

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