Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Three Day Scrapfest

For the next three days I will be participating in the biggest scrapbooking festival in my area. I will be teaching a two hour workshop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday then scrapbooking the rest of the time. The vendors at Scrapfest are the best around so if I'm not at my table scrapbooking, I will be shopping.
Here is my entrance pin, door prize scissors and daily raffle tickets that I picked up today when I dropped off my workshop samples.

I am teaching how to make triangle tri-fold Easter/Spring cards on Thursday. We will be making a carrot treat box too.

On Friday I will show the class how to make slit/pop-up cards that are as much fun to make as to give.

On Saturday I will be teaching how to make a mini Flip Scrapbook that flips out to a whopping 15 pages/flaps.

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Andree said...

I see a very familiar bunny stamp. Have a blast and spend it all in one place baby! Have fun!