Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Pictures

I realize I've been negligent in blog posting but blame it on the Christmas Holidays. Here are just a few favorite pictures from these past few weeks. My Christmas decorations will come down soon since today is the feast day of the Epiphany. King cake season is a long 61 days this year so I'll need to pace myself.

With my Christmas money in hand I took a trip to Lafayette to spend on scrapbook supplies. Simply Scrappin' was having a 50% off everything sale and Treasured Memories was kind to demonstrate this "Make and Take" scrapbook page for me.

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Andree said...

Nothing better than Christmas money in hand to get the addiction juices flowing again. Glad I made the cut as far as "your fav pictures" for Christmas. GET UP IN YOUR LOFT - TIME IS A WASTIN!