Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012

Another year has gone by ... 4 now ... Amelia's memorial rose garden is in full bloom and a small window of what a beautiful place heaven must be.

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Nanny said...

As many years as you have been gone is how long it took for my amaryllis to bloom - what a joyous day and season. Got overwhelmed with grief last night in bed thinking of today, but you put Nanny to rest when I asked you to help me go to sleep. I remember you telling me something about your wing, just as if it were an everday word for you, but it got to Nanny and something I won't ever forget - I smiled and was able to shut my eyes and think happy thoughts. Going to hug your mama and daddy today and wanted to wear something to match my pink shirt and couldn't find the right necklace until I opened a box in the back and it was my butterfly necklace. You did that didn't you? I have it on and will think about you today as I do everyday. We celebrate you today Amelia Bedelia - Nanny misses you.
P.D. Your garden is gorgeous.