Thursday, August 23, 2012

What would she have planned for her birthday?

Today would have been Amelia's 27th birthday.  She always liked to plan her birthday party way in advance so it just makes me wonder what she would have planned for this birthday.
The beach?
Out to eat?
Cake and ice cream?
with friends?
with family?
All of the above?
I always have reminders of her around me like this labeled switch plate for piano light, fan, fan light and stairwell light.

As I recently cleaned out the pantry, so my DH could fix a broken shelf, I found way in the back a Girl Scout cup that Amelia had signed with her name.  I love seeing her hand writing on her things.  I put the cup right up front.

Then about a month ago my godchild posted in Facebook an old picture of herself and Amelia in bathing suits.   What a nice treat to see that picture.  Amelia had such a Buddha belly.

And finally when my DD-I-L had her bridal pictures taken she held Amelia's rosary in her hand.  She had the photographer take a picture of it because she knew I would just love it.   

And she was so right.  I do love it.  Happy Heavenly Birthday DD (dear daughter) Amelia.


Nanny said...

I have Emily's picture with Amelia's rosary at my desk. I just love it - what a constant reminder of love. Happy Birthday Amelia Bedelia! Love, Nanny

Erin Merrick said...

I love the picture of me & Amelia; I was so happy when Elyse pulled it out of a picture bin we were going through, I can scan it & give you the original if you'd like :) Happy Birthday, Amelia!