Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Time Ever I Made a Gingerbread House

My friend, Terrice, had a couple of us ladies over to her house to make gingerbread houses.   She has been making them for years and likes to help teach others how to do it.  She made the gingerbread from scratch and had most of the candies too.
I saw on Pinterest where a gingerbread roof was made out of mini shredded wheat and trees were made out of ice cream cones so that is what I bought.  Terrice did all the frosting mixing and kept us moving along.  After 2 days of decorating and 2 days of drying my gingerbread house was ready to come home.   The weather was humid so it took extra drying time.

I was able to enjoy it for two days then I had an overnight stay at my Mama's while I was setting up for St. Rita's craft fair.  The craft fair was a big success with a few orders to fill afterwards too.  Here a few of the items I made.

Then to my dismay when I came home the humidity got the best of my gingerbread house.

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