Monday, February 3, 2014

First Pinterest Party

I invited the Pinterest Ladies I Follow to a Stampin' Up party with a Pinterest party theme.  Heavy on the Pinterest. This is how the invite was written:   
Bring your own supplies to make something you have pinned on your DIY/Craft Pinterest Board. Everyone will work on their own but, of course, we will be intrigued to know what you are working on.  It might come out great but it might not.   Work on something you've never tried before. 
An example of one of my pins I am dying to try.  And another example It should be fun.  I'll have snacks and drinks. 
Here are a few of what the ladies created:
 a burlap chevron wreath

 a heart ornament

 card set with box

 cascade cards

We'll have to try this Pinterest theme again.  It was fun.

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