Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My first cousin from Illinois

What a happy girl ... so delightful ... so inquisitive ... so caring ... so grateful ... my first cousin Mary from Illinois. We call her Marilu. We had such a great visit with her the past 4 days but today she went back home to her 5 children, Kyle, Caroline, Conner, Emma and Ian. A big thank you to her husband, Jim, for letting her come with her mom (and my godmother), Pauline. It was such a joy to show her all that New Orleans has to offer....Mardi Gras, Seafood, Mississippi River, Plantations, Beignets, Saints, St. Charles Ave, and the French Quarter. She loved our accents and we loved hers. We especially love how she says, "Honey".

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Andree said...

Nice when relatives come by so that we can show off our City - tourist in our own town. Thank you for coming Marilu and Aunt Pauline and thank you Reyne/Jeanne for driving us all over town and back again.