Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Ready

September has 2 big paper craft events to get ready for. First is Scrapfest! where I like to work on scrapbooking all the pictures I've taken the last year. I've ordered about 200 pictures from Shutterfly so before Scrapfest I need to organize them and round up the paper and cardstock I want to use. That event is Sept. 15, 16 and 17. Second is an annual craft fair at my old high school, Archbishop Chapelle, where I sell my handmade greeting cards. I share a booth with my sister who sells her crocheted baby blankets. I need to take inventory of my cards and if I need to make more then now is the time to do it. That event is Sept. 24. Here are a few cards I've made that will be sold for $2.

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Andree' said...

It use to be that we couldn't wait for Christmas, now we can hardly wait for September. Have fun at your Scrapfest and see you in the Chapelle gym!